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“So, tell me about yourself.”

Growing up in a small town in Maine, I rarely met people from different cultures. So, when I started Spanish classes, my idea of cultural immersion was eating flan and listening to J. Lo.

Somehow, that mix of custard and Jenny from the Block inspired me to spend two years of college in Madrid, Spain. After working in teams comprised of up to six nationalities and four spoken languages, I graduated with a dual degree in International Business specializing in Marketing and Accounting. The experience made me realize that I have a knack for communicating across disciplines and cultures.

After Spain, I continued to pursue my linguistic and creative passions at Vizlingo, an NYC edtech startup dedicated to creating the world’s first global visual language. From there, I spent nearly four years in Latin America working in marketing and communications at Outward Bound Costa Rica, where team outings included rappelling waterfalls and trekking through the rainforest.

Presently, I work and study at Carnegie Mellon University. As Marketing Manager for the Integrated Innovation Institute, I regularly collaborate with engineers, business professionals, and designers to promote the impact of cross-disciplinary innovation education. I’m also earning a master’s degree in professional and technical writing, where I’m honing my communications skills with emerging technologies.

This diverse range of experiences has given me a unique perspective on work and life. Both creative and analytical, I love tackling complex communication challenges and believe that all content experiences can be delivered in simple, human language.




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