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The Making of CMU Hyperloop: A story of engineering + business + design


In late 2016, as Elon Musk announced a nationwide Hyperloop university competition, I recognized the potential for the Integrated Innovation Institute (iii) to become the focus of trending news and the protagonist of the story at Carnegie Mellon University.

Then, as the CMU Hyperloop (CMH) team advanced into the top ten, I found my opportunity through the story of Anshuman Kumar, the CMH founder and a student of iii. Before the team headed out to the SpaceX HQ to compete in the final round, I interviewed Anshuman at the team’s maker space. The final result is this video, which I filmed and edited with a collection of my own b-roll plus footage from the team.

Watch the Video

To promote the story, I pitched the video to Carnegie Mellon’s central marketing team who posted it on the university’s main social media channels. The opportunity not only allowed iii to become a central focus of Carnegie Mellon’s Hyperloop story but also gave us a spotlight to promote our interdisciplinary values and celebrate the outcome of one of our graduating students.