My portfolio


New website for Carnegie Mellon University


I led the development and launch of a 120-page website and content strategy for the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.



Website: Pre-Launch

My Role

For this project, I served as project manager and the in-house lead content strategist. In addition to coordinating with the iii team, I also liaised with external groups, including the university website division and agency partners.


I began the project with an extensive user research phase, conferring with site users and content experts through surveys, interviews, and stakeholder workshops. With support from a content strategy agency, we defined the user journey, developed a site map, and created page design templates. Simultaneously, I crafted a new messaging strategy and identified the following value statements to serve as a baseline for content:

  • We tackle real-world problems facing society and industry by providing cutting-edge solutions.

  • We break down silos that impede innovation, both in education and industry.

  • We create valuable, engaging experiences for real people.

With this foundation, I wrote and edited all pages of the site and began preparing for launch. I implemented and performed quality assurance for all copy and multimedia into the content management system (CMS) and developed communications strategy for the launch of iii’s new site and look.

The site launch in early October 2017. You can view it at:


Year over year, the site has delivered a better performance and user experience, increasing organic traffic (8.57%) and time on page (5.39%), while decreasing average page load time (-19.10%) and exits (6.6%).

The site has also supported several other marketing goals. During launch, I also led the development of a new visual identity and brand style guide, enhanced our targeted drip email campaigns, and overhauled our digital and print admissions materials. These collective efforts have delivered tangible results for the Institute: For Fall 2018 admissions, we achieved a 101% increase in the number of in-progress applications, a 48% increase in the number of applications submitted and an 11% increase in the number of admitted students.